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Exhibiting Artist

Irma Regardt

Dec 1st - January 31st, 2019

Irma Regardt was accepted at the Royal Netherlands Academy for the Arts at the age of 16 for her outstanding talent. Unable to follow through because of financial hardship, she worked as an illustrator and photo-lab assistant whilst studying with renowned Dutch master painters. Later she obtained a master degree in Photography and image retouch at the Dutch School for Professional Photography.
For more than a decade, Irma successfully co-managed her own photo studio as well as photo lab and framing gallery, before concentrating on painting.
After moving to Australia, she connected with the vast, stunning landscape and unique wildlife from up close during extensive travels – producing a series of large landscape and 'bird-scape' paintings.

Largely self-taught – or taught by inspiration, as she likes to refer to it herself, Irma currently lives on acreage on the western edge of the Warrumbungle National Park.

You can see more about Irma Regardt on her website irmart.com.au

We were delighted to host Irma Regardt's works for our first focus guest artist for The Old Gallery